The very big destination UAE has got some secretly hidden spots which are so rich in beauty and attraction. These are some of the splendid attractions you can see at UAE to enjoy your trip. These gems of UAE provide you best sightseeing views and adventurous journey. You can have fun filled time here with your loved ones enjoying the beauty and glance of the UAE. The below listed are some of the secret spots of UAE which you should definitely have a visit!

Wadi Ghalilah:

If you love some adventurous activity like rock climbing, then this would be the best spot where you can enjoy it. This spot is a good one for trekking that you can climb up the mountains which consists of rocks and cliffs. There are some steep rock turns on the mountains making it adventurous for experienced trekkers to try out something more. This is an excellent spot located near Dubai.

Khor Al beidah:

For the perfect natural and wildlife beauty, this would be an amazing spot. You can see plenty of pretty birds here and their chirping sounds and more to feel the natural beauty. This fantastic spot is located at the ever beautiful and biggest Al Sinniyah Island. You can see the best variety of bird species at the time of November to march and try to make your visits during this period. This island has got beautiful areas engulfed with lagoons for the birds to nests.

Red Desert at Dubai:

There is a big red desert at Dubai where you can enjoy a blasting desert safari with your friends and families. This stunning deep red desert has got amazing sand dunes which you feel excited with. One thing which absolutely steals your breath away is the rise and set of sun. This breathtaking view is enthralling. Spend a full day at desert would be very enchanting for the desert lovers. The morning and evening desert safari are never to be missed in enjoying the desert fascination with your loved ones capturing some great pictures. Now you can grab some desert safari deal online making your desert journey pretty adventurous.

Wet Lands at Umm Ul Quwain:

This is a perfect spot surrounded by beautiful tiny islands. There are water channels between these connected islands and you can take a boat to reach to islands enjoying the natural beauty of this place watching birds and having a relax journey around. This place has got lots of lagoons and pretty areas that are calm and quiet. You will definitely fall in love with this beautiful natural wonder of UAE.

Make your days at UAE a splendid one by visiting the secret gems. UAE has got many man made attractions and the natural spots. It would be very amazing for the nature lovers to enjoy these places to admire the beautiful views that lies here. Explore UAE and let you and your family have a wonderful vacation to explore and spend.