Dubai – Middle East Asia’s Best Healthcare Provider

If you talk about healthcare facilities, Dubai holds the top rank. People especially from the different countries of Asia, travel to Dubai to get the treatment of different types of diseases and problems. The private, as well as public healthcare, has an established infrastructure in Dubai which makes it the second best choice for healthcare in the world except for some highly specialized treatments.

Public Healthcare Centers

The public healthcare sector comprises of state of the art government-run hospitals. Governed by the Ministry of Health, Dubai, the public healthcare centers are equipped with highly upgraded equipment. These are mostly free but they may refuse treatment to tourists and expats. They prefer to treat the local citizens of Dubai. However, emergency services are for everyone. If you want to get treatment in public healthcare centers, you should get the health card issued by the Ministry of Health, Dubai.

Private Healthcare Centers

Private healthcare centers are abundant in Dubai. However, they can be very expensive. Only an initial consultation fee can cost you more than $50 which does not include other examination fee and the charges of medical tests etc. The private healthcare centers are as equipped as the government-run hospitals because of the government’s continuous efforts in improving the healthcare standards of the state.

If you plan to move to Dubai, you should look to obtain a proper international health insurance. This insurance will enable you to get treatment in private hospitals without incurring any additional costs. There are different insurance policies available which you can choose according to the needs of your family. You can either choose individual health insurance plans or you can choose family health insurance plans whatever you are comfortable with.

If you are an expat and working in Dubai, your employer might provide you with the health insurance facility. The best way to get treatment in Dubai is either to have a health insurance plan or a health card issued by the ministry of health. This way you can get treatment in public hospitals and save a lot of money and avoid hassle as well.

Dubai with its highly developed healthcare infrastructure is the center of attraction for many people especially in the Asia for getting healthcare facilities. If you are planning to move to Dubai, make sure you have an international health insurance.