Are you in search of a destination to spend your leisure time? UAE is a recommended destination as it is a growing destination with wide collection of spectacular spots which makes you wow! There are many things at UAE where you get attracted with! For a smooth excursion to UAE it would be best option to depend on a agency who can guide you with at all locations planning you with great activities keeping you entertained. Now you can easily make your dream to reality choosing a good package. Abu dhabi, dubai, ras al khaima, ajman, sharjah, Fujairah are the emirates constituting UAE. These emirates have unique wonders to visit and explore at its best.

Stunning abu dhabi:

Abu dhabi is a wonderful destination with excellent views and architectures. The popular water park yas is quite famous with its adventurous rides. This water theme park is a suitable destination to enjoy with your family and friends. There are lots of activities for kids also making them so much fun. It is worth spending your day here. Ferrari world is also a wonderful spot where you can enjoy with your families. Shek zayed mosque is another great attraction which is worlds famous and largest mosque which have been designed in a great style and architecture which makes you stunning. A spectacular view at saadyat beach area is also the most recommended destinations for tourists to visit at abu dhabi

Dubai wonders:

Dubai is the heart city of UAE with great spots for tourists. The ever tallest burj khalifa is a world wonder which is located at dubai and there are millions of visitors comes daily to see this beautiful building. The view from the top of burj khalifa is so incredible that you can see the entire dubai and get impressed. The mountains are other set of attractions which you should not miss out at dubai. The hatta mountains are located in the north east region of dubai which makes peopel so much attracted with the views. If you love riding then you must definitely ride on hatta mountains which can give you a great experience. You can also pick out some deals and offers for hatta mountain safari tours to enjoy spending time at mountains viewing the beautiful rocks trekking there. Hiking is a most seen activity at hatta mountain here people enjoy watching the marine life too. Landscapes are very beautiful here that you can enjoy the natural beauty of dubai having good scenery views.

Right agents:

There are many travel agents are available today which offers great deals and packages. There would set of events and activities planned for each day and there would be a guide for showing you the destinations. So choosing an agent would be a good option if you are having first time to visit UAE, So that you won’t be confused with locations. Click here to know about the UAE adventures where you can have a great time to spend with. Make your journey a splendid one.

Dubai – Middle East Asia’s Best Healthcare Provider

If you talk about healthcare facilities, Dubai holds the top rank. People especially from the different countries of Asia, travel to Dubai to get the treatment of different types of diseases and problems. The private, as well as public healthcare, has an established infrastructure in Dubai which makes it the second best choice for healthcare in the world except for some highly specialized treatments.

Public Healthcare Centers

The public healthcare sector comprises of state of the art government-run hospitals. Governed by the Ministry of Health, Dubai, the public healthcare centers are equipped with highly upgraded equipment. These are mostly free but they may refuse treatment to tourists and expats. They prefer to treat the local citizens of Dubai. However, emergency services are for everyone. If you want to get treatment in public healthcare centers, you should get the health card issued by the Ministry of Health, Dubai.

Private Healthcare Centers

Private healthcare centers are abundant in Dubai. However, they can be very expensive. Only an initial consultation fee can cost you more than $50 which does not include other examination fee and the charges of medical tests etc. The private healthcare centers are as equipped as the government-run hospitals because of the government’s continuous efforts in improving the healthcare standards of the state.

If you plan to move to Dubai, you should look to obtain a proper international health insurance. This insurance will enable you to get treatment in private hospitals without incurring any additional costs. There are different insurance policies available which you can choose according to the needs of your family. You can either choose individual health insurance plans or you can choose family health insurance plans whatever you are comfortable with.

If you are an expat and working in Dubai, your employer might provide you with the health insurance facility. The best way to get treatment in Dubai is either to have a health insurance plan or a health card issued by the ministry of health. This way you can get treatment in public hospitals and save a lot of money and avoid hassle as well.

Dubai with its highly developed healthcare infrastructure is the center of attraction for many people especially in the Asia for getting healthcare facilities. If you are planning to move to Dubai, make sure you have an international health insurance.

Buying Electronics from Dubai? Know These 4 Things

Dubai is an ideal destination for tourists. Each year over 4 million tourists from around the world visit Dubai to rejoice themselves and shop for their favorite items. Shopping is a major reason behind the people visiting Dubai. Most of the shopping enthusiasts shop for electronic items because of the cheap prices.

If you are planning to go to Dubai, you should know a few things which can help you get the best deals and save a lot of money as well which you can use to buy additional products. These things are listed below:


Budget is of prime importance. The electronic items in Dubai, are available in different price ranges. You can get the one which suits your budget more. However, do not compromise on the quality. You can find promotional items as well in the same category.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Before you make a plan, you should know the ideal time to visit Dubai. This does not depends on the season or the weather. The best time to visit Dubai for shopping electronic items is when most of the shopping festivals like Gulf Information Technology Exhibition and Dubai Shopping Festival are arranged. In these festivals, the prices of electronics are incredibly low near to free. The dates of these festivals vary each year but the information can be acquired from the internet about the next dates.

Places to Buy Electronics From

There are different shopping malls in Dubai where electronic shops are present. If you want to buy electronics at cheap prices, you should visit the Al Faridi Street in Bur Dubai. They are offering the best variety of electronic items and that too at very affordable prices. However, you should ask for international warranty at these places because they are reluctant to offer it.

Additional Charges

Dubai follows open port policy and that is why the electronic items are not taxed. However, you may have to pay some additional freight charges and customs duties if you want to take the items in your country.

These are some things you should know if you plan to buy electronic items from Dubai. Besides shopping for electronics, you can enjoy your time in the beautiful city and also get some amazing deals.

Authentic Cuisines in Dubai

Dubai may have an affection for all things marvelous and glitz, yet conventional, road style nourishment is still exceptionally introduce in this aerated and cooled shopping, eating and drinking heaven.

At 40 years youthful, Dubai is as of now home to a multicultural skirmish, and not at all like other worldwide urban areas where one local dish rules, Dubai’s signature cooking is as shifted as the globe. The numerous nationalities that have run to Dubai have not left their cooking pots at home.


Levant cooking has turned out to be synonymous with Arabic eateries over the city, however Zaroob offers a new, fast food-style go up against the typical sharwamas, flame broils and flatbreads. The live cooking stations and open kitchens create sights and smells reminiscent of a Middle Eastern road showcase, and the name of the eatery really interprets as ‘little alley’.


The Taiwanese national drink is not entirely a sustenance and not entirely in the city, but rather it is justified regardless of a say essentially in light of the fact that it is so delectable. For the uninitiated, bubble tea is a mix of cool tea and drain or natural product juices, with included custard pearls.


Dubai is not shy of a Pakistani eatery. Plastic seats and tables sit aimlessly at the intersection of one of the main asphalt lined high roads in one of the most seasoned parts of town. Supporters of each nationality individuals look as they clean up the scrumptious curries, the shoddy tables hurling under the heaviness of the puddle-sized naan breads. Also, in spite of its persisting prevalence, regardless of what you arrange at Ravi’s, the cost is absolute bottom.


China Sea’s stylistic layout lies somewhere close to a Communist flask observing Chinese New Year and a 1960s garden party with wicker furniture. The servers talk minimal English, yet don’t give their blunt way a chance to put you off. Menus accompanied pictures, and all the hugely partitioned dishes are wheeled at rapid to the tables on metal trolleys.

One should never be afraid of Dubai’s options when it comes to authentic cuisines. There is no dearth in choices and locals and tourists alike can take in the atmosphere created by these eateries and enjoy their mouth-watering dishes.

These above-mentioned locations provide a taste unlike any other and have the capacity to fascinate even the pickiest of eaters.